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So...I'm a girl. I'm a music, book, and quote junkie. Love to write. Have a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and I'm adamant on not testing for my third degree. I'm not too good at keeping things constant. Routines don't work for me.

People and stories you have to check out

Reckless - I-Eat-Paste
Web of Lies - Polished Gem
Subtle Changes - Simply Pink
The Cynic's Creed- louragan
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Yes, Dying is Your Latest Fashion and The Only Thing I Wanted is removed. Let's be honest, they're horrible. I will rewrite them again one of these days.

Now if I had to tell you which stories to read I'd tell you: Around the Poolside and Small Smiles. They are my best work on here.

Projects That Are Up

Around the Poolside (COMPLETE)- (SUMMARY) Claire had too many near-drowning experiences to count. Her mother had had enough and hired Colton. Claire's not too happy about this. But maybe just maybe she's going to realize that this situation is a whole better than she thought.

Closer Than You Think (COMPLETE)- (SUMMARY) He was the most annoying person in the world and he was messing with her just to get her to notice him. She didn't know that when she lunged across the table and tried to strangle him.

The Words 'Torture and Love'- (COMPLETE) (SUMMARY)This will be similar to 'Closer', but I turned it into a oneshot. The basic foundation will be the same, but for the most part it's changed.

For the Last Time It's Not Danny- (COMPLETE) Not my best work. (SUMMARY)- She sits at her desk and writes. He waits for her to go to bed. It's been this way for more than 9 years. Now he's not there waiting for her to finish up this "last chapter. I promise." It's all wrong. He really shouldn't have gone.

Everything I Ask For - (COMPLETE) (SUMMARY) Based off the song 'Everything I Ask For' by The Maine. Nice and neat little Oneshot. She's everything I ask for and so much more.

When She...- (COMPLETE) (SUMMARY) This is based off a little list. She presents the opportunities. He just acts upon them. He completes this little list in two scenes.

Small Smiles - (COMPLETE) (SUMMARY) This was just something I came up with. A girl finds the courage to tell a boy that she likes him right before she leaves.

Dares - (COMPLETE) (SUMMARY) Dares are a way to pass time in this small town. It just so happens that they bring two people together. Who knew? Everyone else in the school.

214 - (COMPLETE) (SUMMARY) It was a simple brush of shoulders, a whisper of three numbers, and some misplaced mail that brought her to him.


Love Found by Science and a Trampoline- It was really all his fault. He didn't have to play Dead Man Dead Man. He didn't have to be a hot science geek either.

Check out my homepage for pictures and other things about Dares.

All you people who do and those who don't review I love you. Because you read my stories. THANK YOU!

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