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AEJ•325 (ÆJäy-ThreeTwentyFive)

1. Writer of novels, poems, essays, et cetra; the composer of a literary work, as distinguished from a compiler, translator, editor, or copyist.
2. One who resides in the town where America's last Wild-Wild-West lynching took place. "Welcome to _(Blank)_ it's a great place to hang around."
3. Sufferer of: social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations. See - dementia praecox.
4. Someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness).
5. Causer of great surprise of sudden wonder.
6. Woman of the "South" (i.e. Literal Directions) or "West" (i.e. Cultural Directions). See - redneck of female gender.
7. Person trained to compete in sports ((syn: athlete))
8. Eager to learn or know; inquisitive; prying; meddlesome.
9. Not easily noticed or detected; inconspicuous; withdrawn.
10. Lover of Zebra Cakes and Talk Radio; 98.9 KYIS FM.
11. Member of TDA and lover of photoshop.
12. Obsessee of books by Nalini Singh, Carrie Vaughn, Karen Rose, WVD, Jennifer Skully, Gena Showalter, Christine Feehan, etc.
13. Person of the female sex.
14. Night owl; one who becomes "hyper" during the night hours.
15. Over user of the phrases: "Erm/Umm" "Haha" "...and whatnot" "I know right?" "Basically" "Whatever" "Thus"

Synonyms: Veiled, Obscure, Invisible, Jockette, Schizophrenic, Amazing, Curious, Author, Writer, Annoying, Fantastic, Andie, Insane... etc.

Major Pet Peeves: I'm a bitch about some of this stuff and a hypocrite. Eep. Don't hate me! (People tend to do that a lot. Not really, though they do think I hate them a lot... blahwhineblah)
1) People who mess up the "There/Their/They're" spelling. Drives me nuts!
2) Spelling "y'all" with the -- ' between the "a" and "l" or without one at all.
3) Misinformation about those of us who live in the South. (I mean South as on the map, not where they sit on verandas and drink tea.)
4) Whiners. This could quite possibly be why people think I hate on contact. I don't take shit and I'll tell you. Sigh, that's what my mumzee says anyway.
5) Titles that aren't cap'd right. If it's not professional looking I refuse to read it. (Granted, capitalizing can be VERY confusing)
6) People who read and yet don't review. Bwaaaaaah! gives evil glare to all who don't review


My TDA Gallery: I'ma Make You My Wee-otch

LOOKYHERE!LOOKYHERE! I absolutely LOVE making book covers (and banners) y'know? Whenever my evil plot bunny friend gives me an idea of a story (which is like every time I see something... um, that's hard to explain) I have to make cover art for it ASAP.

So, if anyone ever wants something done for a story... Like ya want me to make you a book cover I would love to do it! Seriously! PM or email me! I'd love to make something up for your story!


Demon of My Dreams (BloodyAutumnKisses)
-- Note: Awesome story! Read it - or be forever at a loss.


-- Stand Alones --

x) Saving Juliet - They had a routine - not that either of them really knew it. It was one that came about everyday. She would run by, he would be getting out of practice, they would share a look. Just a quick glance of the eyes. It was enough to cause him to dream about her at night and her to doodle him in her sketchbooks. They know each other without truly knowing. She's the daughter of a rich Defense Attorney and his mom cleans the houses in her neighborhood. He's the all-around guy at his public school, baseball, basketball, academics - he's the best. She's the sore thumb of the local private school, she sticks to running cross country and sketching. Yet once a day, for no more than a few seconds they know each other. Until it happened. She ran back into the alley behind the school - like always - but instead of hearing the fading patter of her running feet, he hears her screams. And he has to save Juliet.

NOTE: This is story is not the classic boy and girl are forbidden to see each other. It doesn't even have to do w/ that. Nor does it have any Romeo/Juliet theme, A-Okay?

-- Short Stories --

x) Wonderland Isn't So Wonderful- That whole "Alice In Wonderland" concept never quite set right with me. Ha. Right. Truthfully it scared-scares the flippin' shit out of me. I've only ever had bad dreams about the stupid movie/book. Dreams that would be gone when I awoke. At least that was until I found myself falling down my own personal rabbit hole.

NOTE: This does not have anything to do w/ Alice in Wonderland. There is simply a comparison in this character's mind. That is all. This also has the possibility to become a series...

x) Hikemare (Her Very Own Nightmare) - She likes the cold and being indoors, yet here she is hiking in sweltering Arizona. That of course isn't even her Big Problem. The "BP" happens to be the fact that she's in a cave hiding from raving lunatics with guns, during a monsoon. Help - Yes Please!

x) The Hunt of Houses - This exchange tended to happen quite often – not the rolling eyes bit, though that did occur quite a lot around my parents. What I’m speaking of is the “We’re going to look at a house” part...

x) Little Girl Camper and the Big Bad Box Shots- The words were spoken so casually yet they completely stopped me in my tracks. Frozen like a deer in headlights I turned my head so that I could see who was talking to me. The speaker was...

-- Series --


1) Soul In Sight - Lissa's life was never at the top of the Meter 'O Normal - how could it be when she could interact with souls? - but now that she has gotten her much, wanted and needed, scholarship to the prestigious Blackwell Academy her life becomes a whirlwind of action. The dreams of her childhood are coming back to haunt her, literally. And then there's that guy, who won't leave her alone... Talk about Senior year.

2) I'm Lost, Yet Have I Found You? - For city girl Emelle Lombardi getting deserted in a Massachusetts Forest is not her sip of tea - not the Emelle enjoys tea, she more of a coffee chic. Being one that had lived on the city streets for more than half of her twenty-four years of life, and has yet to set foot in the suburbs, Emelle isn't the best company/ That's to bad for Dorian Grant - aka, the hunk 'a love muffin who got her into this mess.

Go here if you want to know more of the Watcher's adventures!!

Hopeful Series:

1) Hopeful Reunion- Detective Hope Cooper catches a case that brings her to a murder scene in the house of Hollywood's bad boy, Shawn Roans. Cooper finds that this actor - with a few Emmey's under his belt - is the very same Shawn Hickory from her youth. Having him at the top of her suspect isn't exactly the reunion she wanted.

2) Hopeful Revenge- Detective Hope Cooper's apartment is broken into while she is away, and her roomie is attacked. The same has happened to four other cops, but three of those cops were at home and killed. All the cops so far have been connected to a case in Washington D.C., a cop killer has wound up in L.A. and Cooper is the next target.


-- Random --

x) One of the Five - This is about becoming a starter on the team. (Basketball poem! Yay bball. Love: b/c I love basketball. Adventure: b/c playing the game is one.)

x) Heart Beat - About heart break.

x) Save Me- More heart break, sorta. More depressing and morbid I guess. A little bit comfort depending on how I'm going to use it. (Like if it's going to be one of Hope's memories...)

The ISTR Promise: I hereby Swear To Review on all pieces of writing that I read.

Be a human. Make the ISTR Promise!! Haha.

... Seriously.


Right'o. Love y'all lots. Mucho beso.
XOXO, etc, etc.
-And/Anny/Andie/AJ/Andie Beth/Nan/Nandie Beth/AB/Nandie/Whatever the hell else I'm called these days. (Personally I like And - Haha)

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