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Joined Aug '08

Name: Sophronia Lee

Age: 16. Unless you're some internet creeper. Then I'm 47.

Likes: Dark chocolate, rain, Nora (my computer), the ocean, art in all its forms, reading, video games (N64 is the best system. Zelda and Mystical Ninja forever!), Frou Frou, randomness, the clicky sound of my keyboard, wearing eccentric clothing, improv, foreign things, summer!

Dislikes: The insert key, Algebra, bugs (particularly wasps), whiny people, cruelty and rudeness, really loud music, tomatoes, celebrities, gory movies, bad grammar, people who judge others, winter!

I used to be very active on FictionPress. Some of you may remember me as Cbei02. But I will most likely be withholding all stories from FP because a) I lack confidence, b) writer's block is not kind, and c) I want to keep my work to myself until I can get it published (which will eventually happen!) So instead, I merely exist here to offer up reviews and favorite stories. Feel free to PM me if you so desire :)

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