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Xandrea PM
Joined Aug '08


August 26.

Loves blindly.

Trusts everyone.

Reads whenever possible.

Music determines the mood.

Love makes everything better and worse.

Universitiy of South Alabama.

Likes: The little Mermaid, Twilight, Reading, Bigger bookshelves,Purple, Blue, boys, cats, friends, fairy tales, youth, family, TV, magic, love, oldies, newbies, learning, sea life, photography, being right, loving, romance, dogs, night, day, wind, water, fire, earth, smiling, laughing, sleeping, best friends who become sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers, music, painting, life...

Dislikes: not being able to write, small bookshelves, ignorance, destruction, being wrong, hating, fighting, crying, best friends who become strangers, being alone, death...

PM me for more...I'd love to read your story. :)

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