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June 3, 2009 NEWS:
I'm Not a writer. But there are amazing writers on here. I found this through FanFiction for Twilight, was lead to RockFan's Phone Calls From a Rockstar Series (if you have not read those, CHECK IT OUT!) and ta-da, I now read others. I use it because there are such AMAZING stories, and such AMAZING authors for free, who post their stories for us readers to enjoy. And I'm very sad to say that stories are being taken down due to stupid people who have no life and no self respect to NOT take and plagiarize authors stories on here. Yes, these stories are amazing. But is completely wrong of you to steal their hard work that they put into these amazingly wonderful stories. Some these authors spend over a year making a story and is wrong to take that story and copy it WORD FOR WORD or even word for word except for a name or two, or all the names. It's just wrong. Morally, ethically wrong.
I was even in the process of a story, that I think was amazing after all the stories I've read and seen, I would have to say mine is pretty orginal. But with all these amazing authors having to take their stories down because some fool decided to rip them off word for word (I even know an author that got to who had her story posted there by someone else for money, which is so much worse). I'm rethinking posting on here, but we will see.

Name: Andrea
Age: 17

I live in Alaska
We are a part of the United States of America, actually we are 49th state added.
As a matter of fact, our 50th anniversary is Janurary 2nd, 2009. (see I totally leaned something in AK Studies)

NOTE: We DO NOT live in igloos, polar bears and penguins do not just roam around. Penguins don't live in Alaska, they live on the South pole, and were next to the North pole. We ride cars and bears and moose don't just roam everywhere either. Yes, we have them, and yes, they do come into town. Bears mostly don't come near any civilization and if they do its rare, and usually out in the open (you only see them in neighborhoods with no business, and in very queit areas). Moose you see more often, and even then I've seen like 20 in my 6 years of living here.
I personally know people who have asked stupid questions like "Do you ride polar bears to school?" "What's a penguin like?" "Welcome to the country. (yes I'm not kidding one of my best friends got that)"

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