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Stardrag PM
Joined Aug '08

Name: Stardrag

Real Name: I went to keep it mysterious! Unless you know me from Facebook and the mystery is broken.

Age: 22, but remember, it's the internet. I could be a sexy nurse porn star or a 50 year old well weathered cop who takes crap from no one. The choice is up to you.

Stories: I like any kind of story, and that's why this place will be my...dumping grown (what a lovely analogy) for all my ideas. From Death Note like stories to the extremelylong series like One Piece and the world destroying story of Evangelion. But what I hope really stands out are my characters. And magic. You can't forget the magic.

Manga/Anime that I like

Case Closed

Lupin the Third

One Piece

Hellsing Ultimate


Bleach (Sort of. The fights are good.)

Air Gear (it has like the best art ever.)

Last Exile

Guilty Crown


Death Note

Full Metal Alchemists

Full Metal Alchemists Brotherhood

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