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Jet- Pascal Smith finds himself in the biggest jet race in the world. He suddenly finds himself up against the two best jet racers, since Katya's death, in the world. Dima Kaverson, first place flier. Coeur (last name not unearthed yet) racing's poster boy since he was eight. Without really meaning to, Pascal stumbles along and uncovers things that could change the future of flying forever. No swearing, no violence, pretty clean as far as I can remember. . .mild child abuse, MAYBE, if the plot permits.

Smirnoff- Leslie, an eighteen year old ex-whore living in London, is falling further and further out of society. He can't pay his rent, stay sober, or keep a steady job. He looses one of his only two friends, and just after a nasty encounter with his landlord, at the worst possible moment, a Smirnoff comes out of his closet. (a little green thing I made up, named after Leslie's favorite kind of vodka.) The Smirnoff begs his help, and whisks him off to a magical land, and a very cliche plot. Leslie does things his own way, and ends up reliving the circumstances surrounding his brother's death. Can Leslie bring himself to leave the new land he's found, or will he finally choose to face his problems back home?

Anyway, you can scroll down and read the stories I just described! If you've also checked out my fanfiction.net account, I'd reccomend Smirnoff, it's a bit more your style. If you were looking for something with a very interesting plot and character development, then I reccoment Jet. Well, good day!


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