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OK so um Hi I'm Britt and I know right now I don't have any work of writing exept that little thing I just put up which I promise is not a perment thing I have an actual full length story up my sleve. By the way that story is sumwhat a true story I saw this little girl in the store with her parents and it inspired that quirp. I have not successfully done a piece of work yet BUUUUTI have all these ideas i just cant seem to transfer it from the brain to the spiral notebook to the computer with out loosing my mind and trowing something against the wall. Yes I am violent No that is not one of my most femine qualitys.

~ A little bit about me~

- My brain does not function normally I DO have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

- I do play softball on my high school team although right now that is not going anywhere because I broke my nose and cant play :'(

- I love greasy fried salty meaty food

- I have twin brothers that are 10 y/o.

- I am 16 (I don't have my licence or a car..life sucks)

- I am a shophmore in high school

- I am not emo or a prep or a geek or a druggie or a party animal or whatever other clique there is

- I love to read and I wish I could write worth a crap but i try anyways :D

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