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Hey people :)
welcome to my story ... place
i love to write and i'm in the middle( not really just the begining ) of a story right now
my freinds really don't care and so i've decided to post it on here sooooo here you go
ihave any questions send a message or if you just want to talk send a message
don't forget to review I NEED FEEDBACK

okay another anoocment after not being on her in like 2 months
i have decided that i may post my story on here again
pending livejounral vote
so get ready b/c there are new chapters
and new things
see u in about a few days ... maybe
happy writting for all and all who have writers block be cured :D

Just some stuff about me
my live journal come see me and make one while you at it http:///
Age: 15
Freshman :(
I'm a noive writer and i have an obsetion with reading, though writting some times eclpises that obsestion
I'm not in any clubs :(
My freinds refruse to read my work
So i have come to here to get reviews and posted what i have written so far ,If you give me a review i will respond and read your work too, if i have time
a list a stoires i will be writting fallows this , please read and review

Secrets Kill- In edditng progress
Uncertian- won't begin writting until Secrets is done , sorry

okay its been a while since i have updated this but i have finshed Life of Lifes aka Secrets Kill and i'm edditng right now and i don't know when or if i will post it back so until then enjoy my poety that i post on here becuase i don't know when there will be stoires but lots and lots of poety
and check out brokencystal7 becuase she has awsome poetry too and stoires like Brokensunset

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