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Joined Aug '08

Name: Elizabeth (a.k.a. Lizzie or Liz)

Birthday: Nov. 2 1989

3/23/11: GO DUKE!! Tarheels suck!

7/04/09: Happy 4th of July! ;)

6/05/09: I normally don't log in to my FP account becuase I'm just a regular reader and really only come on once in a blue moon but I felt compelled to update on here and say that Plagarism = NOT COOL!! Seriously, I just do not get it! Do those of you who plagarize really think you can just copy some ones work and then expect not to get caught?? Well let me tell you that you will get caught and you will get in TONS OF TROUBLE. You can even find yourself in legal trouble so my word of advice to you is to not even bother trying becuase you will be caught and there are many loyal readers of this site who look out for the authors on this site and will report you, I garuntee it! So save yourself the trouble and don't bother to try to plagarize! I am a long time reader of this site even before I actually created an account and I have seen this entire week, many of the authors whom have been posting for a long time here being plagarized. As a reader it is frustrating to see many of my favorite authors and stories leaving this site. So get off your lazy you know whats and write your own crap! Honestly by stealing someone else's work all your doing is making people believe you are capable of writing something so good and when the time comes that you get offered to be published and they are going to expect you to write something as good as the work you stole and your going to know in the back of your mind that you are incapable of doing so because the work you say you wrote is not yours and in reality you haven't written a damn thing. Being a college student myself, what happens when it comes the time when some of you enter college? If you were ever to even attempt to plagarize in college you will be expelled faster than you can say gooodbye!

Probably no one will read this but I just felt like ranting...ALOT!

Email is :D

other nicknames: harvardgurl, Bubbles, tesebusa.

Just created an LJ account also and I'm under the username pbgurl. :)

Have a nice day! :D

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