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damsel in shining armor
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Hello everyone! welcome to the oh-so-grand bio thingy offfff -drumroll- Damsel in shining armor! yeah i know that was lame; i apologize ;) anyways! first order of business is to make sure y'all get my username. if you dont, well just pm me and ill explain it : ) yay! erm second order of business . . . oh right! everyone go check out the author miss blade she is super talented! (though i actually dont think shes been on in about four or five years . . . just hope desperately!) and lets see . . . oh! hey i think ill just start describing myself. so firstly i looooove to read and am CONSTANTLY looking for something new to drive my family crazy with (mwhahaha! erm . . . i mean . . . hee hee -innocent face-) so if you want to, id be totally open to any suggestions for new stories to read on the site! erm lets see what else . . . im an ok writer (as you can judge for yourself) and i love love love anything sweet (but who doesnt?)! so thats me!

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