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Mmmm, where to begin. I am relatively new to fictionpress. I started out in Fanfiction, my FF page is my homepage. Check it out. :)

My stories are decent, I think they have good plot's and I do try to strey from the annoyingly overdone ideas. After all I have a wide imagination, but it's not my fault if other's happen to think of the same amazing ideas I think of.

Mary-Sue's and GAry-sue's should be exterminated from every writer's mind. .

Stories I am Working on

Betwixt and Between-Raised to be weapons, thats all they've ever known. But when something goes wrong, their sent out into reality, a strange new world they have never encountered outside of their safe white walls. Running for their lives they try and cope the best they can.

Shadow's of the Night: finding the light- Ava Louise, was a normal girl. She lived with her family in New York city. Went to a normal highschool. And did just about anything to be popular. She has been known to ruin a life or two, as long as it means fitting in. But when she get's strange powers that link her to a cult of protectors, she's finding it very hard to fit in. Especially when her old friend turns out to be part of an evil group of magic stealers, who have stolen the light from the goodguys. The one thing that drew line from good and evil. Now with evil hiding in the light and good condemed to the shadows, Ava must help her new friends to bring the light back to the side of good. But there's one problem, her new teamates are the very people she shunded in highschool, and their not the forgiving type.

Mystery- Summary TBA

General Information:

Full Name: A.B.C

Location: Imagination, My Mind

Age: currently 398 but I will turn 399 in three months :)

Weight: 169

Height: six foot nine inches

Eye Color: purple

Gender: not sure :)

Favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars,

Favorite Song: Express- Christina Aguilera

Favorite Book: The Outsiders, Beautiful Creatures

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Uglies

Favorite Movie: Tangled, Mega Mind, Express

Favorite Quotes: "Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to." "I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. " "Legislation will bar killers from military cemetaries" -some Ironic genius! "Writing is like Flying a Hellicopter. The hardest part is the take off. The easiest is the landing."-Moi

Hobbies: Reading/Writing, Drawing clothes

Favorite Genres: Anything that is Fiction pretty much works for me

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