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Just wanted to say that I have no stories up and I don't think I will post any but I love reading everyone else's wonderful stories. Romance is my favorite!

About me:

I love reading ,anime, manga, and music. I pretty much can't live with out my Ipod. I love books! I enjoy playing Animal Crossing even though people say it's boring. People are lying! It's actually very fun. I love guitar but I can't play any instrument. I tried to learn to play the Viola (that's Viola not Violin) but I didn't get very far so instruments are not my thing. I do love singing even though I'm not that good and I love dancing even though I have no bodily intelligence! HAHA!

I know nobody really cares but I thought I would do this so that there was something on my profile. I am really loving Fiction Press by the way!

On FanFiction.net I am known as, Chibi-Elric-Chan

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