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I never thought I would update my profile because frankly I’m a reader not a writer (a little like a lover not a fighter….anyway, you get my drift). I decide to update my profile, though, when I signed on as a judge for the FP Supernatural awards, I’m very, very excited to do this because I feel closer to this wonderful community of writers even if, as I mentioned, I’m not one. I wonder if I should just write something so I could pretend to be. Hmmm…do shopping lists, notes to teachers re: children’s homework, etc. count? Oh and who was it said the “the worst thing you’ve ever written is better than the best thing you’ve never written?” Don’t know….too profound. Anyway, check out FF Supernatural awards, http:///, you won’t be disappointed.

Okay, I've also shied away from giving any personal facts, for lots of reasons. First, I'm oldish, read this as 40+ ish with several kids, a husband, mini-van, book club and tennis club memberships. Also, as much as I embrace technology (I'm definitely an 'early adapter' which is unusual for a chick, let alone a middle-aged chick), but I don't want a bunch of my so-called personal information floating around. Call me paranoid but there it is.

Miscellaneous stuff. If you’re wondering why my avatar is a labradoodle, it’s my five year olds fav dog, but my awesome, sexy but dog repressed husband refuses to let us get one. At some point I’d like to clean up my ‘favorites’ vs. ‘alerts.’ If you do seem to have similar taste in stories to mine, understand when I first joined the sites I was playing around with the favorites vs. alerts so you can’t trust my favorite list to be that. I actually keep my own personal list of favorites – complete and rejects. Finally, while I’ve admitted I’m not a writer, before I found FF & FP, I easily read/listened to five plus books a month, I have a master’s degree (granted it’s a boring MBA, not a cool early English literature masters or similar) and I’m not completely clueless when it comes to grammar etc. (having a mother with 12 years of 1940/50’s catholic education….I’ve somewhat been beaten into submission). Finally, while I love fiction press, I admit to being a huge fan fiction (twilight, veronica mars) fan.

Okay, now that I’ve written this little bit I wonder if anyone will actually read it…oh well. My final thought is ‘read’ and gets your kids to ‘read.’


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