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Hey, I'm Canadian and proud of it! I love my Monopoly money, toonies and loonies, and hockey, as well as our igloo parliament buildings! Polar bear tipping is our national pass time, you should try it sometime. XD

My FF account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1697725/Colourcubify

Here's some charter reference pictures for YMHIFE...bear in mind they are not what you should think the characters look like, I'm not forcing you, and they're not perfect either. They just help me completely visualize them easier and they might help you too!

Sophie: Hair http:///wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Short-Scene-Hair.jpg
Body http:///portfolio/pic/18996326

Monique: Hair http:///img/item/723/706/11/939UpRXxTsbJMyh.jpg
Body http:///portfolio/pic/18668410

James: http:///portfolio/pic/14812974

Daegal: http:///portfolio/pic/21427308

Simon: http:///portfolio/pic/12828302

Phoenix: http:///img204/556/1nix.png

Silver: http:///_NO2UOMMYKZ0/SIGycgc6IlI/AAAAAAAAAkE/sHaxWsNh070/s400/Black+Scene+Hair.png

Keegan: Hair http:///assets/imgx/5/4/7/8/5/2/1/orig-5478521.jpg
Face http:///portfolio/pic/21031911

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