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Androgynous, male,

Aged ?,

preference: straight (hard as it is to believe),

status: Insane hypochondriac,

favourite pastime: Jumping off cliffs and such,

what about you?

My name is September-Lee.

Born on:- 31, October.

Do not ask stupid questions like:- "Why are you called September if you're October's child?" Things like that depress me greatly.

My best friends describe me as such:-

Al~x:- Ah...where to begin...well, you're definitely off your rockers, that's for sure.

(Fer sure!)

You're my best friend, not because you're cool, not because you know me inside out without the need of an autopsy. No, Sept, you're my best friend cause you're the man with the great culinary skills and cash.

(Shows his priorities, right?)

Rissa:- Eh? You want me to describe you? Okay, weirdo. Um...well, when I met you I thought you were the weirdest, most colourful, mysterious, male ever, and I thought you were gay because..well..you were so colourful, most guys don't wear so many colours for fear of being called gay. I was so surprised when I met your girlfriend at that time. Anyway, I think you're the type of person who would, most likely, tell you he "found himself" after you told him to get lost. In other words, you're a pain in the rear.

Aidan:- Hm...well, you're definitely mean, unique, clever, artistic, eh...you're funny. Mm...Um...one would think after knowing you the best, I'd have much to say, but I don't...so...um...bye?

Alice:- You're the most amazingest fantastical wonderfullest smartsicle I ever met.

(She is fully aware none of those words are real.)

--Would add more but I'm booored--

Upcoming projects or finished projects which I will add after the block thingermajick.

1. Dear, Heartbreak (Oneshot)


Pairing:- M/F.

Ending: ?

Status:- Complete.

Summary: No Summary Provided. It's a letter.

2. The Significance of an iPun. (Two-shot)


Pairing(s):- Main pairing's Het but there are mentions of M/M.

Status:- Under Review.

Summary:- iJoke. How lame was that? I know having a 'Secret admirer' is supposed to be fun and exciting, but I am not happy. Why am I the only girl who gets a 'Secret Admirer' obsessed with iPuns. iGroan. Oh my god, it's getting contagious. Aak!

3. Everyone Loves to Hate Jude. (Oneshot)


Pairing:- M/M

Status:- In progress.

Summary:- I was new, I was naive, I was young, and in all honesty, I was enchanted. "So, why doesn't anyone like you anyway?" I whispered. "They think that I'll steal their boyfriends," he winked.

4. Inhale, Exhale. (Short story)


Pairing:- M/M

Status:- In progress.

Summary:- Falling in love with your best friend is a cliche. You write a story about it, everyone reads it. But in real life, it can lead to a lot of heartbreak. Especially when your best friend's not a girl.

Eh that's all...for now...

I know my ideas suck, and no I'm not a Yaoi Fan girl.

I'm a Yaoi fanboy.


I am terrified of balloon animals.

I love extreme sports.

I think you suck.

No I don't, excuse the idiot in italics, he doesn't know what he's saying.

I love pie.

One thing we most definitely agree on.

I honestly don't care about the amount of reviews I get as long as...

1. You enjoyed the story, and

2. I enjoyed writing it.



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