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I ve never written fiction before...but always had stories flying around in my head. When I was younger they were how I got to sleep, instead of counting sheep.

I write for me. If others like it, lovely. If not, I bleed, but I'll live.

This doesn't mean that I don't want reviews! Au contraire! Please review. Let me know how the story could have been better, what you liked and what you didn t. Even if you think it sucks, let me know. I only ask that you be polite. I will carefully consider all your opinions and if I agree with them, I will use them. And if I don't, thanks anyway.

I promise I wouldn't come after you :-)

Allo les gens!

J'ai décidé qu'il n'est pas juste que j'écris seulement en anglais. Ce n'est pas tout ce que je suis. Donc j'écrirai en français aussi, non les simples traductions de mes histories en anglais, mais de nouveaux œuvres.

Ce ne sera pas facile pour moi. Malheureusement J'ai oublie beaucoup de français que je connaissais autrefois.

Les reviews seront les bienvenues. Bisoux a tous :) et bonne lecture!

Merci a mon beta Doraline.

A Note to Those I Review:

1) What I wrote is my opinion of your piece. Don't like it? I'm sorry. Perhaps my opinion is not expert but it is valid. If you don't want honest opinions on your work why post it here?

2) If you have to pm me back to defend and explain your story then you're probably not doing a good job writing it. Are you going to pm everyone to give them background so that they'll understand it better? No.

3) If you have the cheek to page me and explain in hostile terms why I should have gotten what you're trying to say, how simple it should have been to see, etc then rest assured that I will not ever review any work of yours again. And no, I will not respond in kind to you. It's called maturity and manners. Look it up.

That's all.

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