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Ses is a slightly nutty teenager who writes with a questionable amount of talent. When she's not reading, you can probably find her in front of her iBook, which she loves to death even though it's getting pretty old. You have Ye Old Clunker to blame for Ses's continued attempts at writing and video production.

She likes to skive off on her homework and then whine about having to do it all the night before it's due. Also on her list of the top six hundred and fifty-nine things to complain about is lack of sleep and hatred of coffee, which makes for a peachy combination.

Ses writes very sporadically and tends to give up on things quickly. After brief self-analysis she has decided that this is probably because she is afraid of failure. She has written (mostly short stories) for years, but doesn't like showing them to people because it is so personal. After all, if she can't write about herself, what can she write about? She thinks that this is both the beauty and danger of writing, exposing yourself completely to an uncertain reaction of admiration, apathy, or ridicule.

Also, calling her "Sessy", "Sessa", or any variations of the aforementioned is akin to kicking a puppy. It may indeed be a snarling, cynical, ratty-looking puppy (the kind that gums on your socks and makes them all slobbery, and then while you're wondering why your feet are all wet, kicks you on the shins and steals your toast) but it is a puppy nevertheless.

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