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Hi, My name is Daniel Ward Tyndall; every one just calls me Ward. I am 26 years old physical-wise (832 years old metaphysical wise.). I was a student at Randolph Community College in Asheboro , NC. Now, I'm not so sure what I am nowadays. However, I do know that I am an aspiring Writer. I also am considered insane, but what is Insanity but what the Mighty Status-Quo says is unfit for society. And above all else, I love the strange, cherish the weird, and worship the bizarre. Also, I tend to be unpredictable when it comes to posting stories, so try not to wait for new stuff; simply fav and follow me. Please and thank-you.

THINGS I LOVE:Books, Speculative Fiction of all kinds, Classic TV (From the classy to the campy), Classic Comedy Movies, Anything considered strange and weird, and above all else: FREEDOM and TRUTH; because they are power at its purist forms.

THINGS I HATE:People who criticize and discriminate, Fascists, Racists, Sexists, Those who steal others ideas, Ignorance, The Mighty Status-Quo, Authority, Sheep-Puppet-Automatons, Those who hide the Truth from the People and above all else, all the Nazis, Sheppards, Puppeteers, and Pricks in the World.


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You say Edward Cullen,
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You say I'm wierd,

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Favorite Authors/Influences

Clive Barker

China Mieville

Iain Banks

Dan Simmons

Frank Herbert

Neal Asher

Stephen King

Micheal Moorcock

Simon R. Green

Chris Woodring

Garth Nix

Alan Moore

Neil Gaiman

Franz Kafka

HP Lovecraft

Brain Aldiss

Poul Anderson

Philip Jose Farmer

Gene Wolfe

and Jim Butcher


SCIENCE FICTION: Space Opera, Alternative History, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Transhumanism, and Hard SF.

Fantasy: Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Parallel Worlds, Alternative History, High Fantasy, Surrealism, Steampunk, and Bizarro Fiction.

HORROR: Dark Fantasy, Vampires, Demons, Lovecraftian Horror, Bizarro Fiction, and Mystery.


Anti-Heroes-Because that's what the public wants.

People with dark pasts and abilities, and yet they're the "good guys."

Characters that are broken; some mentally, some physically.

Villains that are sympathetic and suffering, yet vicious and sadistic.

Characters that have issues that affects the human condition-even though some of them are no where near human.

Female characters that strong, smart, witty, and sympathetic, as well as beautiful and sexy.


The relationships between two Nemesis.

The concept of the forces of Good inquiring the services a lesser kind of Evil to defeat a greater kind of Evil.

The outlawing of Xenophobia and the celebration of Xenophillia.

The idea of the fate of all Existence is in the hands of a select few.

The concept that someone Good can do both Evil and Good things just as someone Evil can do Good as well as Evil.

Insanity as the Modern Nirvana.



A Weird Fiction World inspired by China Mieville's Bas-Lag, but with my own ideas, of course. It has Majiks used by half-crazed Witches and Warlocks; faceless Oracles; gun-slingling, globe-trotting Archivists/Archeologists; a demonic group of assassins called The Scythe (Inspired by the Cenobites of Clive Barker's Hellraiser); and a race of mutated humans and mix-matched creatures I proudly call UnHumans. There are two goverments in conflict: One is called The Free Syndication of City-States; where each City-State is ruled by a noble (or elected offical, depending on the City-State) with a title that's given by succession (or election) that was created when the FSCS first began (The NeoDisian Hierarch; The Tsar of Bone and Flesh; The Alpha-Lord; The Lord/Lady of the Tomes; ETC.). The other is called The Eldrichian Regime; which is a cross between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia with some Lovecraftian elements thrown in. The technology and architecture is kind of mix-matched; it's got Steampunk, Diseilpunk, Art Deco, Modern, some Futuristic, and just a little bit of Medevial simultaneously co-existing.

The City-States are really spectacular and unique in an equal way. Let me give you some examples: First, there's NeoDis; the Capitol City-State and the setting to my novel, Running with the Engineer. Then, we have Biblique; this City-State is, in itself, a gigantic library and museum. Next, we have Great Mengarie; the only City-State that has both a majority of UnHunmans, and ruled by a UnHuman Noble. Next, we have Final Oasis, a desert-based Middle-Eastern-esque City-State that is famous for its many fine exports; including mind enhancing drugs which can be used to have an audience with the Celestial Board of Governors. Finally, we have my personal favorite, Osteopolis; which is a living city made of bone, steel, glass, and flesh. It's the closest City-State to the Front-Lines.

Even the afterlife is different from our own; it's called The Ten-Thousand Heavens and Hells. Each plane is reserved for those that deserve to be put there; depending on how good or how evil they've been. And it's ruled by a group of Divinities called The Celestial Board of Governors. Also, science works side by side with magic. Only magic is known as Majiks; it can only be used by Witches and Warlocks. There's a whole Guild of them that use Majiks to help those in need of their services, but there are Freelancers for those who can't afford to go the Guild. You see, the Witchcraft Guild only helps those who 'contribute' wealth for their administration, if you catch my meaning.

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