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I'm a POTTERMANIAC who's got pretty much most of all the stupid little Harry trivia in her head ... a BRIARLOVER who absolutely adored him in Street Mages [although *serve him right* for trusting Ayasha! -- annoying little flake, trying to steal my boy ..] and by-the-by, 'Page' was incredible ... a REALLY HOOPY FROOD who knows where her towel is at all times!! ... and I love to write songfics. I'm SUCH a sucker for happy romance endings - I admit it! I admit it! And I wish I were Canadian ... but U.S.A. *does* kinda have a lot going for it ... *grin*. Oh, and I'm really an H/H shipper *ducks flying tomatoes* but I have some H/R and H/G fics and *blush* I even wrote a D/H once. ^_~ Twisted mind. I was compelled! *points wildly at muses* It was THEIR fault!

Anyways, now that you've been put through all this, please review like a good little gryffin, and if you liked my stuff, you might want to check out my brother's: Britannicus. I'd also like to plug my clique for fictional character lovers, Larger Than Life, my magazine for writers/readers/artists/obsessives [ co-edited with mah darlin' Churinga ] called Obsessions, and . . . my column, In The Spotlight. *giggles* Sorry, I just got scared when the hit counter stopped working and it looked like I had no fans. *sniff*

 "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets and then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again." - Marin County newspaper's TV listing for The Wizard of Oz

Works-in-Progress, since y'all seem to [hopefully] want to know ^_^
* I am now BACK from vacation/camp, but don't expect me to be punching out fics when I have to worry about high school. *

EE -- Cameila 2 is coming, folks! It really is! I'm very sorry it hasn't gotten out yet but I love you all for reviewing so well! YOU RULE!
TP -- I am completely and *totally* redoing TTOSBT, so there will be no more new chapters until I get up to 8 in the redoing. *g*
TP -- Where Loyalties Lie .. it's a parallel [one-shot] to Street Mages. I won't say any more, so nobody steals my idea, but it's coming and dare I say it's good? At least, I hope it is. Only you are fit to judge, you talented lovely wonderful reviewers, you. *g*
HP -- Scars: Chapter 3 is . . . ah . . . sort of coming along, I'm a little busy writing Chapter 7, actually. *sheepish grin* I can't control my muses, aiiiight?!

And is that it?

If you're interested in being a featured author in my column, try to recall some memorable experience you had that's connected to writing. It doesn't have to be anything special, but it does have to mean something to you. Then write an essay about it, basically any length you feel it needs [ within reason! , revise a few times if that's your thing, and send it off to me at . PLEASE do not put it into the text of the message or I WILL DELETE IT! [ If your email provider won't let you, that's a different story; tell me that in the SUBJECT of the message. ] Html it like you html your stories and attach, attach, attach. Thank you.

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