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YellowRain PM
Joined Oct '08

I'm no writer, but I love reading. (:

My name is Jennifer (Jen)

I'm fairly young...

I live in Georgia, USA.

And... I love Italian & Mexican food.

I love reading Romance (T-M), but I am up to reading anything as long as it is good!

Um, I'm just here to review, maybe write later.

..Yea, I know. Lame profile.

I guess I'll update it later.

-Wed, July 8.


I finally changed my name! Bluereviews was getting boring, and blah.

It's now YellowRain My mom was singing Purple Rain and BAM! I wanna change my name on FP.

Eh, I hate purple though. Yellow's my favorite color.

And BAM!

Yellow Rain. ;)

..Yeah I know, Lame profile once again.

Guess I'll update it later with what a real bio should be.

-Tues, Oct 5

-Yellow Rain

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