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"It sleeps within the forest,

Lying in wait for those to seek its beauty,

Knowing of their ill intent.

As they approach its vines ensnare,

Wrapping them in the silence of the sleeping forest,

Allowing their final image to be the beauty of the Black Rose."

"Years ago, unknownst to the modern world, a great evil sought to destroy all that breathed in the earth's essence. Essentially, this being known then Susanowa, was thought to be the reincarnation of the Shinto storm god, however, it would be proved false as it turned out to be none other than the earth shaker himself. Angered by the abuse of the worlds natural resources, Susanowa made it his goal to eradicate all that poisoned and polluted his mother.

In order to cease their brother's wrath, the siblings, Tsukyomi and Amaterasu, granted several young people with the knowledge of Hachiman, the lord of Seven Banners, and a unique special ability. Those that were granted this unbelievable knowledge and power were marked, each receiving a black rose tattoo on a certain part of their body. Being scions of Hachiman, each child was deft in word play and literature, never falling below par in school or in life. But it was their special abilities that separated them from natural society. It was their greatest gift, and most horrid curse.

Soon the time came for the Roses of Tsukyomi and Amaterasu to face off with their brother. The battle was vicious, and many of the roses lost their lives in the process. Yet, in the end, the roses prevailed as Susanowa saw the evil of his anger, and regretted taking the lives of the others who were children of the Earth just as he.

Years later, the roses still lie around, cast out from the world because of their genius and social inneptness, only to be nurtured by those that sleep in the same garden as they."

Trayce looked up at the darkly lined clouds, breathing out a sigh as the gentle rain began to fall on him. So, this was the reason he had always felt alone in the world. This had been the reason why he had graduated at the top of his class, and yet was alone. And this was the reason why everyone he got close to, began to slowly fade away, scared of the unusual things that occurred around him.

"Dammit!" he screamed, slamming his hand on the side of the supermarket wall where he had parked his motorcycle. "I didn't ask for this! I didn't want this stupid flower of my chest!"

His anger, childlike, though understandable, rose towards the heaven, bringing down even greater rainfall. It was if the heavens were crying because their child was alone. And that was when it hit him. Clenching the tanned piece of scripture in his hands, Trayce slipped on his helmet and shoved the parchment in his saddlebag.

'There are others out there like me who are suffering. I am not alone. I'm going to find my garden!' Trayce thought as he kicked up his kickstand, and sped off out of the supermarket parking lot, down the highway.

And this is where the story begins again...

The Roses

Trayce D. King- Also known as Madness Soldier on my single account and I guess, I'm the creator of the Black Roses. I specialize in martial arts writing but I'm hoping to expand my horizons with the help of my comrades in arms. My Black Rose Mark is on the left side of my chest, so that it, and my writing, my always be close to my heart.

Win Quote: "You're just a withered flower in our garden..."

Alastor - aka YJanZ-Providence, leader of the old aka Meteor-Infinity, at your service. It's been a long time since I've posted anything in fictionpress but that does not mean that I've been slacking off these past few months, and methinks it's time for me to check if my writing has improved, though I'm hoping more that I'll have fun writing with the team. My Black Rose Mark is on my forehead, above my right eye.

Win Quote: "I'll write something nice on your tombstone later."

Lily M. Loving- also known as Sazi on my single account. Specializes in chic lit, romance, and anguish based stories, but I also try different styles of writing at times even though it doesn't always work out. My Black Rose mark is on my right wrist to stay with the hand that pens my work.

Win Quote: "This is what you get for underestimating me. Now, piss off."

Richard Wong - also known as Tomoyuki Tanaka on my single account. Similar to YJanZ, I haven't written in fictionpress for a long time. Well, most of it is down to my obsession with learning how to draw manga (yeah, I'm an aspiring manga artist) and writing a novel with the intention of getting it published. But what's life without a challenge, right? My Black Rose mark is hidden on my right foot, so wherever I am, whether walking, standing or sitting, I'll always be thinking of ideas.

Win Quote: "Send the devil my regards. Tell him he's next."

Leon.L aka Broker on many other boards, I haven't been on in a while as I've been working on editing my main piece before posting it back on FP. I like writing action adventure pieces, a little bit of super strength, a little bit of sci-fi, and a lot of heart are usually the foundations of my work. I look forward to working with you all, and learning from my peers. My Black Rose Mark is on the back of my neck, the top petal touching the back of my head, cause that's where my ideas usually come from.

Win Quote: "No matter how many times you stand before me, you'll crumble."

Creed aka AngrySojiroT on my other account. I am the lazy bum of the Black Roses and also the youngest. My black rose mark is on my back, signifying that my brothers and sisters in arms always have my back.

Win Quote: "I'm the grim-reaper motherfucker!"

Kuok Minghui - also know as Bloodedge my single account. I am a fantasy writer and my black rose mark is on the back of my right hand.

Win Quote: "By my spear shall a thousand souls be reaped."

Skylar and Ashley, the Voltus Twins- we are new to the writing world, however, we write fantasy stories combined with american comic book elements. Our black rose marks are on the back of our right and left shoulder blades.

Win Quote- Skylar: "Get up, I'm...oooh, butterfly. Come here butterfly, you're so pretty!"

Win Quote- Ashley: "Get the fuck out of my face before I kick your ass again."

Lan- I am really not much of a writer myself but I am Trayce's editor. My black rose mark is on my throat.

Win Quote: "Do you hear that? It sounds like your defeat."

Memento Mori- also known as zethel on my singles account. My black rose mark is on my palm because I love writing.

Win Quote: "I really don't want to hurt you anymore. So, give up, please?"

Lotus- also know as Enderqueen Shado on my singles account. My black rose mark is on my back, right above my heart, because no matter what, I will always be a rose, even in death.

Win Quote: "I'm a tough little lady, aren't I?"

Keselina Porter (aka Kes) or better known on my singles account as Lessy-chan. My Black Rose is located on my cheek, closer to my ear; because hearing is the only thing that really helps me interact with and understand other people, as well as get around with little assistance, I am proud of it. My sharp hearing also lets me know that my comrades are always standing and fighting with me, and that I am never alone.

Win Quote: "Don't take me lightly just because I can't see. I see more being blind than you do with your eyes open."

ChoC0Katt, or just Katt or better known as GuMMiPOWR on my singles account. Hmm...rose mark...I'll put it on my right ankle because I dance, and dancing requires the use of feet/legs...and also because that is the ankle I hurt the most. So, it's technically my Achilles Heel.

Win Quote: "Ewww! I didn't want to read THAT in your mind! C'mon! Young girl here!"

Yoonhyun or better known on my singles account as JeLLiPOWR.My black rose mark will be on my left eyelid, or if that's not possible on my left cheek, because I was born with my left eye closed but my right eye open, my left eye is usually covered by my bangs, and it has a better eyesight than my right eye.

Win Quote: "What's the molecular structure of the human body? Want to find out...personally?"

Xero Nevermore or better known on my singles account as Van Quatra. My rose my is in the center of my forehead.

Win Quote: "I'm neither a monster. Nor am I human. I'm a Black Rose."

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