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My name is Bruce Falconer, I recently had the privelage of hearing about this site from a close and very personal friend of mine. i love to read, it is probably, now i will be honest my second or third favourite hobby. Once i heard of this sight though i put all books down and decided i would read and hopefully partake in the adventure that is writing and see, like i have seen someone else's writing. To contribute myself woud be a personal achievement for myself as i keep sitting down at my computer...think to myself...start to write and yes as you can imagine, nothing, not one thing further than about two or three paragraphs. Believe it or not i do the same with songs.

I am what you would call an easy going, outgoing individual with crazy ambitions and a thirst for all that i can know. I want to know almost everything as there are things i also like to be left alone, left to the imagination shall we say.

I am a 6"3 inches tall, blonde hair and blue eyed. I dont have a perfect complexion yet my wit and care free personality certainly make up for it. I am average build and love to play sport, football (soccer) in particular. I try to keep fit but i have one curse i suppose you could say...I love food.

I don't wish to pursue a career in writing, i admire those who do as they have patience, i like to write short stories, they are something i could do alot of, but not a book, nothing like that at all. I will however give my best to this site and try and show you my imagination as best i can.

In the meantime, i would love to meet fellow aspirers to be of the arts as my passion is drama and forever will be, although i do love the English language.

If there is anything you need to know, do not hesitate i am only down the end of a pen (or in this case a keyboard).



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