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Hey y'all!

(why yes, I do say y'all)

thanks a bunch for visiting the page!

okay, so here are some things you may (or may not, let's be honest) want to know about me:

My name is Hagen, and I'm 15. I love to play piano (suprise!) but, like the pen name suggests, I'm absolutley terrified of playing in front of people. (It has something to do with the whole fear-of-rejection thing) uhhh... lets see... (scours rafters of imagination)...I love to write?... okay yeah, thats lame.

if any of you guys have any bands to check out, give me a shout! (hehe, it rhymes) Im fairly addicted to all folk/indie rock bands. I also apparently enjoy using parenthesis.

Top 10 Favorite Bands of All Time

1. The Decemberists

2. Neutral Milk Hotel

3. Kt Tunstall (acoustic extravaganza only)

4. Los Campesinos!

5. Ra Ra Riot

6. What Made Milwaukee Famous

7. Vampire Weekend

8. Amy MacDonald

9. Dexy's Midnight Runners

10. Locksley

reviews are always appreciated, they make my day! :D oh, and ill review yours too.

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