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Here? There? Everywhere??

No one knows, Vengeance is obscure just as the other half which is Carrie, which blatantly rhymes with Scary... Do you know where to look?

Their whereabouts are unknown and so are their origins. They hope to be writers but if that fails creative performers may fall in the same. They write randomly poems and short (long) stories.

Most of their inspiration comes from songs from bands they love (or hate) Rasputina, Tiger Lillies, The Clash, A.F.I, The Offspring, TOOL, Mudvayne, KoRn, MMW, Basement Jaxx, Chemical Bros, Daft Punk, Tori Amos, The Smithes, Bauhaus, Prodigy, Kerli, MCR, REM, LP, Sublime, Primus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Miyavi, and a load of others.

Comedy and tradegy both can be beautiful seperately. But with a good writer, they come together in perfect harmony.

Vengeance would like to say please read or else (death?) and Scary Carrie is somewhere- hiding.

...as for the moment that is it, nothing more, nothing less...'cept- BEWARE!!

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