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Tash Sta. Maria PM
Joined Oct '08

Tatiana FSM. Seventeen.
Caffeinated to the extent of severe twitching. :)

The Dahlia
31/08 - Chapter 2 reedited and uploaded.
30/08 - Randomly started this. No idea where it's going, but has a horrible feeling this is going to be addictive to write

Experiment House
31/08 - Still cannot write anything. Agh. I don't know where to go anymore, I just want to skip all scenes and start writing this chapter I've had planned in my mind
29/08 - Tired. Still struggling to get past the first few paragraphs of Chapter Ten. Gyah.
22/08 - Finally finished Chapter 9. Wants to bottle up that sudden splurge of creative juices for future use.

Of Kicks And Spins
The pet project.

- HIATUS. Might be deleting.

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