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Okay now thats off my chest.

I an an auzzie, i currently live in Darwin, N.T. But i plan to move to sydney/melborn as soon as i graduate. I am currently in high school. I have dark-blonde wild curly hair and annoyingly naturaly rosey cheeks and dimples (That people feel the need to poke?pinch to see if there real.)and grey/blue(more grey) eyes that apperantly remind some people of ice. (HAHA i am the ice queen, fear me!!)

I LOVE my converses and my sk8 shoes. I do sk8 but i am so bad it. I love PURPLE, RED and BLACK. But i'm not emo, maybe a little goth.

I want either red or purple streaks i did have purple streakes but they wore out. I am getting me nose peiced in 6 months. and my lip done when i'm 18 (Labret).

I have three bestest friends ever. SARA, ROSE and IZZ.

IZZ - is (LOL) awsom. she loves black and red too. she is into the whole grunge stf but is still the sort of person to light up a room with her dark-clothing and sarcastic attitude. She is currently in New Zealand SOB

SARA - is crazy. She is absolutely insane. but in a resposible bubbly way. She can stare at you and say "Laugh" and have you on the floor laughing. Its her little trick. she has a style but were not sure what it is. we call it bubbly-twilightObsessed-FrickenAwsom-Whatevershewants-ELMO-E.L.M.O-Sarah style. LOL. she is fricken awsom and keeps me from being a total screw up.

ROSE - i am ashamed to say is The blondest person you will ever meet. But she has dark brown hair. she is the typical blonde. Thinks 2+3=6, knows all the dating gossip ('cause 50 of it is her dating everyone, buyt she ain't a slut.) can name any brand. Loves shopping and SHUDDER Supr'e. She even says she's blonde. when i point out she has something obvios wrong she says "Well I'm Blonde, what do u expect?" then i have to point out that in the time i have known her (since we were 8 baby) she has never had a blonde hair on her head, bleached or natural. but she's fun and not a total prep.

I LOVE FRED, AND EMMET. but i have friends who want to sleep with fictional characters

I write too many stories and post too little stories.

I am the most indecisive person EVER. Ooh red or purple or BLACk Uummm. I'll choose black, no red, no just purple, wait purple gets lonely i'll get red and purple. no thats leaving black out. OK OK i'll get them all.

fav saying:

"You want me, you need me. You had me you lost me."

" Claudia, Shut up your blonde side is showing."

" OMG i agree, Edward is hot."

" Ebony is the most twilight-obssesed I know because she actually threw glitter at her BF Max so he would

sparkle in the sun."

" DID YOU JUST CALL ME A FUCKING BITCH?? Its MS. Fucking Bitch to you."

" I find popular people like slinkies. there good for nothing but they still make u smile when you push them

down the stairs."

Your just jelous cause the voices only talk to ME!!

what are you gonna do whith all that meat-loaf, feed it to ur pet T-rex?"she said..."Only if you want some." he said. -shadow kiss (PArt of the Vampire acady book series!)


Revenge is not Justice It's Fun.

I Got the title from Batman begins. Ooh yes. it;s going slowly because i want it to have proper plot.

WOW thats all the stories i have. I have heaps on fanfiction. oh well


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