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Vince Loring PM
Joined Oct '08

Favorite quote: "I may be some sorta crazy." Blue October, Sound of Pulling Heaven Down.

I live in Central Florida. I go to high school. My poetry doesnt reflect my mindset usually, but it does represent the extreams. Please ask questions, I love explaining it, and talking about it. And I also cant spell. If I spell something wrong, please tell me.

If you must know about the name, it is false. Just part of my middle name and a surname taken out of a very good book by S.M. Stirling. the name of the book is "The protector's war"

When I write, I like to just do a stream of consiousness. It really helps me cope with life and stuff. I like to use rhyme schemes, but I may not. I like to use alot of referances to history. I also like to referance mythology and hell. If you don't understand a referance, please tell me, I would love to talk about it. I also hate having stuff be flat. I try to put depth in my poems, though it sometimes just makes my writing more complicated than it should be.

The longer i am on this site, then the more i will probably put up here.

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