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Penmon here, speaking on behalf of the fangirl that figured that penguins should be reviered and that the occasional mary-sueish (yes, it's a common noun now) tendencies might be fun.

To be honest, I'm starting to think that she's insane. Therefore, I have taken over this biography page in hopes that it might turn out semi-normally.

Though my partener has a real name, she has used so many stupid aliases she has yet to figure out which is which, so at she just goes as "Alias". Her real name this week is "Maie", which happened after a friend misspelled a misspelling. All very complicated. If you pronounce it right it's "May", if you pronounce it wrong it's "My", so it's cool either way.

This name that Maie has is strictly Digimon, and almost exclusively Kensuke. And of course, in the name of tradition, she's keeping it that way. All Digi all the time. Digi-digi. Any other stories are far away from here.

As per the fact that Maie never writes anymore, she's working on it. She has written a whole one story for Gundam, and she actually has a plan as to how to finish Torn. Wow. If you would like to get updated as to what's going on and to be the first to see "when" (indistinct muttering) Maie gets a chapter/story out, email her with the subject- "Get Writing You Lazy Bitch" and she'll add you to the contact list.

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