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So, you've found the amazing profile page. Be amazed. Feel free to read something, and then feel free to leave a review, (I'll return the favor.) I've only managed to complete one project in my entire life, so if you like things that have endings read Three Witches Grimm and if you don't, then you're in luck!

About me then. I love humor, Douglas Adams remains one of my favorite authors of all time and The Hitchhikers Guide is like my holy bible. Aside from that I love anything Scifi, horror, fantasy, adventure. All that. I also love really old narrative poems, which is kind of nerdy, but since this is fiction press...'Nough said.

Some things that I dislike: Tofu, mosquitos, winter, sparkly vampires, Wisconsin, and ELVES... (That last one is personal. It's between me and them.)

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