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This is where it all started.

Hi! I started writing on this site when I was 12 years old. Just a girl at Coral Springs Middle School, using this site to share stories with her friends. A 12 year old romance writer who had never even kissed a boy hahahahaha. It still cracks me up! What started as a way to share stories with just my friends went on to connect me with writers, artists and creatives all over the world. My friends at the time can attest to the fact that being a fictionpress writer with hundreds of weekly readers made me absolutely INSUFFERABLE to deal with. lmao, I really thought I was Stephenie Meyer. I regretfully deleted all of my middle school work and switched accounts becuase by the time I was 16, I thought my old writing was cringe. (My writing was cringe at 16 too lmao)

I rebranded and changed my fictionpress username to Sincerely Claude, and some of my writing is still available there.

Back in 2008, I was a nerdy black girl (still am a nerdy black girl), writing about white characters because those were always the main characters of the novels that were available to me. I didn't feel represented in fiction for a very, very, very long time. Too long of a time, actually. And it hadn't occured to me to even try to be the change I wanted to see. It makes me really happy that in the year 2023, nerdy black girls have a much wider selection of books where they feel seen and understood across so many genres. It makes me really happy that these days, I'm writing for those girls. For those women.

My name is Millie Belizaire.

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