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Hey, I'm SpasticLittleGirl, or DomLuver on FanFiction :)

10/1/11: I think I'll stick to writing oneshots (longer ones though) after Life After You is finished. I think I have commitment issues :P And I have a few already half-written, so stay tuned :)

1/1/11: HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVELIES! let's bring on twentyeleven! :D I actually planned to have a New Year special put up on 31/12/10, but I haven't quite finished it yet so...it should be up SOON. I'm not sure how soon, but SOON :) Hope you all have a wonderful year! :)

Here's some random stuff about me:

I'm easily amused. I laugh at the stangest things...sometimes I even laugh at myself, which is pretty sad.

I can always manage to trip myself up, even when there's nothing there.

I'm a typical teenage girl who needs her mobile, MSN, Facebook, TV, and an iPod to survive. Yeah, I'm a sad child0.

I love reading cliche romances - they're just so cute and make me feel giddy and happy :) I'm a bit of a sucker for romance. But at the end of each story I just feel lonely. So I read another one. It's a vicious cycle...

I've given up on my love life. So I write about what I wish would happen in my life, or base it loosely on what has happened.

Oh and, I fall in love with fictional guys.

My stories:


Letters to Riley - ONESHOT

Stages of Love - IN PROGRESS

Unexpected - ONESHOT

Second Chances - now part of a story called Stages of Love

Leaving - now part of a story called Stages of Love

Fallen Too Deep - ONESHOT

Footsteps - now part of a story called Stages of Love, under the chapter named Walking Away

Fireworks - now part of a story called Stages of Love

Abandoned - ONESHOT

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