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Hi folks,

My hobbies are billiard, role-playing, and of course reading. I have many books ( I think the current number is 470?) and I have already read most of them. Mostly they are about something historical, or mystery or fantasy, or something similar.

I am from Germany, so naturally my English is not as good as that of many others here, but I am trying my best, to write in a good language. Actually I was never very good in something like interpreting or analysing literature, but I love writing or reading. In my opinion much is destroyed of a text by using brute force to make up what the author was thinking by doing something, although I can indeed say if I like a text or not. But I guess all of this is up to every ones own opinion.

I appreciate reviews very much, since I am happy about criticism both positive and negative. I know I am not the best writer no matter which language I am writing in, but I have many ideas about plots and very nice friends who encourage me to share them although my style might not be perfect.

I hope you will have as much fun reading my stories as I had writing them.


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