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About me. Ummm, Juliette likes to speak in third person.

Right, I'm Juliette (but for short, you can call me Lady Lulyette van Awesome), I'm sixteen, I lurvs reading and writing very much. I don't thing I've even visited this sight in a good couple years, so I thought I'd reacquaint myself with this nice little corner of the internet.

The only story I've got up here right now is A Witch, which I love to pieces, but have put on hiatus due to the fact that our friend Ophelia and myself have agreed to give ourselves some time apart and settle our differences in a calm and sensible fashion. I just wanna finish some of the other half-baked stuff I'm working on before coming back to a story I started and abandoned three years ago. I do mean to finish it. Eventually.

Since I'm still only a wee slip of a thing (mind you that figure of speech is in reference to my maturity level, not my physical appearance. Let nobody say that LadyLuly has been posting lies on the internet), I've made a sort of pact with myself that I won't try to publish anything major until I'm at least twenty. That's in four years, and knowing me and my procrastination issues, I probably won't have written a decent novel by then anyway. That being said, I'm on here partly to read some awesome fiction by aspiring writers, and partly to improve my own writing. Which means yes, I WILL GLADLY except criticism, as long as it's constructive.

If you want me to read something, just send me a message or a telepathic communication. I'll be happy to read it when I get the time.

My best fictional friend is Erik from The Phantom of the Opera, but I also cherish a close friendship with all members of the Fellowship of the Ring. I would like to send a personal thanks to each of these characters for encouraging my reading and writing for many years now, and constantly protecting me from Orcs and a vengeful group of Persian mercenaries.

By now you've probably stopped reading or come to realize that I am entirely insane or both. Bestest wishes! Juliette.

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