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Welcome! You are probably the only person to click on my profile so thank for you for getting this far!

Well, about me for the Nosy Nellys out there - I'm a 23 year old gal, Australian but currently living in Ireland and loving it (the rumours are true, Guinness tastes better here). Apart from writing, I rather enjoy travelling, shopping, reading, hanging out with friends, being a fan girl at concerts, you know, the usuals. I am a crazed Collingwood supporter (in the Australian Rules Football League) and why yes, I have all my teeth! I also have been keeping a journal since I was 11, I am way behind in it now that I have been travelling!

Writing - I discovered my total love of writing during High School. Back then (and possibly even now, eek!) I mainly wrote copious amounts of dodgy fan fiction. I do enjoy writing fan fic (mostly musicians) just because I tend to form little a little character in my mind about the particular celeb - when I need a writing exercise it's a good activity that doesn't require me to think about it too much! I am currently undertaking my biggest project, an as yet untitled work, that I would like to get published but time will tell. It's a fantasy aimed at teenage girls (I think mentally I am still a teen myself!).

Books - Well. I am so very clichéd, I apologise. Harry Potter, is just, unbelievable. To Kill a Mockingbird is brilliant. Lord of the Rings - amazing. To follow, in no particular order, The Sevenwaters Trilogy - Juliet Marillier, ‘Suite Francaise' - Irene Nemirovsky ; ‘Dublin' and also, ‘Ireland Awakening ‘- Edward Rutherfurd (such long books but amazingly written, I read them before I came to Ireland and had such a better understanding of...everything!).

Music - if it is cheesy and from the 90's, rest assured I will be fan. Other music includes Evermore, Eskimo Joe, U2, The Killers (hurrah for Brandon shaving that moustache!), Muse, Lily Allen, Girls Aloud, OMG Take That (pre and post reunion), Westlife (tee!). Yes, I mentioned Muse and Take That in the same sentence. I've been that musically screwed up since I considered Silverchair and Hanson my favourite bands back in ol 1997 (oh and since then, if you must insist).

Movies - Love Actually and Mamma Mia will never fail to lighten my mood. Like the books, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are brill; Bridget Jones is me on a good day.

Anyway, thanks for reading my random shiz; please continue to read, review, poke fun, whatever it is that you cool cats are doing these days.

Also please read the amazingness that is Star123's work. Not only is she a fabulous friend but she is a fabulous writer too! :)

Cheers, The Daydreaming Daisy

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