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Well what is up fellow writer people? I am ArtisicGeist (woulda totally been something else, but it was taken...won't name names) I have a previous account on this site with stories similar to the ones I will produce here, but due to some wretched turn of events, it will not allow me to log into it. So I was forced to create another. Therefore, if you ever stumble across some that is similar to my own, you will understand that I didn't rip off anyone else's work, nor did they do the same to me. ANYWAY!

I specialize in gothic/horror/sci-fi/fantasy/humor stories and poetry. I myself am a christian interested in the occult and witchcraft. Cartoons equal life to me. Not the 3D stuff or the new crap you find today, but good, old-fashioned animation. I have my own comics and cartoons floating around the web, but unfortunately for you, you won't find them because I have learned the hard way that art thieves suck. So I've taken my artistic name from the internet and all of my works are now anonymous.

Musical inspiration: Nightwish, Epica, Theatres Des Vampires, Within Temptation, Flogging Molly, Tristania, Bauhaus, Enya, Sonata Arctica, The Young Dubliners, Rammstein, and various animated disney movie soundtracks, opera, and showtunes.

Movies: Phantom of the Opera, Beetlejuice, Anastasia, first Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, (old and new) The Truman Show, Ace ventura, The Mask, Men in Black, My Fair Lady, The Music Man, Funny Girl, Sound of Music, Star Wars

Books: Midnight is a Place, Girl with a Pearl Earring, I Elizabeth, Harry Potter, Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Dracula, Frankenstein, Coraline, Story Time

Cartoons: Beetlejuice, Invader Zim, Angry Beavers, Disney (until 2000), Loony Toons, Tom and Jerry (until 1970), Ace Ventura, Spongebob (until 2004), Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fairly Odd Parents (until 2005)

Heroes: Queen Elizabeth 1 (for being such a strong and capable female ruler), William Shakespeare (for writing the best plays of all time), Tarja Turunen (for getting me hooked on Nightwish), Glen Keane (for being the most amazing artist ever), Walt Disney (for revolutionizing cartoons), Butch Hartman (for creating the one show that inspired me to draw), Edgar Alan Poe (for being tied with Shakespeare in the writing department), Jim Carrey (for being hilarious)

Trivia of me:

Things about myself that tend to piss people off in the extreme:

1. I hate vegetarianism and world peace.

2. I hate Twilight. Oh, God forbid I think there's much better vampire romance fiction out there. Sorry I don't like prepitized versions of vampires.

3. I'm a Republican.

4. I'm a creature of the night and people tend to look at that in a bad way for some odd reason.

5. I hate rap and show that I hate it. Life is like candy, you throw the rappers away. I read that in a blog somewhere.

6. I don't think Zac Effron, Daniel Radcliffe, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Pete Wentz or the guy who plays Edward in Twilight is hot. So sue me. People I think are gorgeous: Jim Carrey, Martin Short, Tuomas Holopainen, Tim Burton, Michael Keaton, Anthony Bourdaine

Things about me that people just don't seem to understand:

1. I'm not gay. Hey, I'm cool with it though.

2. I LIKE MY SOLITUDE. Deal with it.

3. Just because I'm interested in death does not mean I'm depressed.

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