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001. I’ve completed a total of 17 signed reviews on Fiction Press since December 11th, 2008.

002. I will always review any chapter I’ve read. This doesn’t mean that I’ll always read every chapter I’ve seen, but it’s close enough.

003. If someone wants me to read something, PM me the title, story ID, chapter number, the name of the author, and the author ID. Give me two to three days. Then pester me if I haven’t reviewed.

004. I’m seventeen. I live in Georgia, a ‘state’ in the United States of America. I’m a junior in high school. I prefer conservative politics concerning economics, and liberal concerning civil rights. I like spaghetti, and lemonade. I’m a dork.

005. I read and write fantasy, the former more so than the latter. I live, and breathe, and procrastinate, all usually within instances of one of the others. I dream that I’ll become famous one day, and that I’ll somehow manage to live forever, and I do that pretty much every day.

That’s about it. ;3


review game :
Go to The Review Game! FREE REVIEWS for the PRICE OF NOTHING! (Um, except perhaps your soul, I think. But that’s negotiable.) Specifically, free reviews are offered whenever Review Marathons are in session and or Whenever Someone’s Bored.

quote of the week :
“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” - Oscar Wilde

contact :
Feel free to PM me as you will. Unless it’s about gratuitous tentacle porn or such equally despicable, heinously horrendous evil. Then you may feel free to take a very, very cold shower.


I leave as detailed a review as I can, or detailed enough that there are examples and excerpts and explanations. My reviews are all divided into three categories: REVIEW, GRAMMAR REVIEW, and the CONCLUSION. Sometimes, they take up only 2000 characters of the review limit; once, I ran out of room and had to PM the last part of my review to the author I was reviewing.

Almost always, what I do to take up the space is provide excerpts, so that you can go back and edit easier. (Why do reviewers almost never do that?) And, almost always, I provide ALL of the excerpts I could find. I’m not going to say that someone has problems with their grammar and not prove it, or point out where exactly those problems are. Anyone who’s written anything knows that after writing that thing, you can’t see where you went wrong at all. So, yeah, I make sure to help out.

As for the reason why I review? I like reading, and if someone’s writing, I consider it the least that I could do to actually review what they’ve wrote if I’ve read it. =P

Edit: I can and have made mistakes in the past. Just for the record.

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