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Hey ya'll :)

im LimeSmoothie! obviously this isn't my real name but not even im stupid enough to write that on here...

ya im kinda weird, i like to think of myself as quirky but weird works too :P

one of the kookiest things about me would be that im a straight girl that loves reading gay boy slash...kinky? fucked up? well u can decide for your selves i guess, but personally i think it's the shit :)

List of dumb/funny/retarded things LimeSmoothie has done:

- referred to self in third person just then...

- tried to walk quickly while nursing a HUGE ASS blister on my heel and was concentrating so hard i snorted... tehe

- fell off my chair on to my butt randomly during an english lecture...

- had a major spazz when my friend flicked a TINY piece of banana peel at me... i loathe bananas, i want to maim them

-annnnnd the list goes on aaaand sorry for boring you to death :P

anyway...moving on!

im in highschool (i'll let you guess my exact age)


so if you hate teenagers you probably won't like me very much waves bye

since im in school i have ABSOLUTELY no time for writing long, witty, engaging stories :( but if i do ever write anything on this account it won't be even half as good as the stories i've favourited so CHECK THOSE OUT!

Music: fall out boy, p!atd, the cab, muse, cute is what we aim for, the cure, mystery jets, ingrid michaelson, kate nash, ida maria, the academy is, cobra starship, bloc party... i could seriously go on for dayssss :P music suggestions are always welcome, and i mean ALWAYS :)

Books: twilight, HP, nick and norah's infinate playlist, jane eyre, the reader, guns germs and steel, withering heights, a great and terrible beauty, really anything written by agatha christie, the uglies series... hmmm theres more but im starting to get annoyed with myself so i can only imagine how you're feeling (if you're still even here... hello?)



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