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Hey everybody,

Just so you know this is a joint account between me, Ellie, and my friend, Brooke. Brooke doesn't have a computer so i will be updating and posting for her. if you want to know which story is by whom then email me at scrubs_girl101@ and i will answer any of your questions.

Okay so a little more about me and brooke:

Ellie: Age 15

Eye Color: Blue ( it changes shades every day)

Hair : A mix between red, black, brown, blonde, and orange. (and it's natural) (it mostly looks brown-just thought you would like to know-i'm Brooke, Hey!!)( Thanks Brooke just ruin my fun, why don't you?)(I always do, don't i-you no we're using this as messaging, Yea!!)( yep but this is about the only way to communicate while you're in NC)(yea, oh well)

Height: 5'6 and 1/2

Sports: Soccer, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Football(tackle when playing w/ guys, flag when playing with girls) and some other random things.

Instruments: Flute, Drums, Piano, Guitar(electric and acoustic), Trombone, some Clarinet and some Trumpet.

About Me: I love to read, name a book and i have probably read it twice. Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and The Classics (Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, etc.) are my favorites. I absolutely love music. I listen to everything but rap and country. Yes, I'm one of those wierd people who likes to listen to classical. I love to sing to so if I don't update quickly I'm probably somewhere doing something for Chorus. I'm also your typical tomboy. I hate make-up, dresses, skirts, the color pink, anything girly pretty much. I absolutely love getting dirty. If I'm not playing soccer then you'll find me in the woods climbing trees or finding the dirtiest places to hide during hide-and-go-seek(yes i still play hide-and-go-seek) It might take me awhile to update because I have two A.P. classes next semester and I'm taking Chemistry and Physics and I'm playing soccer for my high school and I'm only in ninth grade. So please don't be mad at me. Okay also if you read Brooke's story LA at Night then please point out the grammar errors to her because she does not proof read. When I have the time I will proof read for her but just try to understand her crazy grammar as best as you can. (EVIL!!-now you're mean to me-it's not my fault that i have so many ideas that when i type i make few mistakes...okay a lot of mistakes)( yeah half the time i don't even understand what you wrote there are so many)(Well i'm not the only 1 missy. Other people do it too so :P)

Brooke: Age 14 (you made me sound little...grrrr!) (Haha serves you right)(:p)

Eye Color: Hazel (Mine changes too...a little...not really...just kidding. It does change!)

Hair color: Light brown mix w/ blonde highlights (it turns black when it's wet...just like every other brunette)

Height: 5'6 and 3/4 (I'm taller...Yeah!!)( not by much:p)(still)

Sports: Soccer and Softball (mostly soccer)

About Me: Okay!! Lets get down to business. Well, its gonna be hard to explain ME!! in a few words, but here it goes. I LOVE music. I swear i would go blind before i'd go def. I know Ellie would too. Soccer is awesome. I love it. Ellie got me into it, and i haven't gone back to softball. I'm pretty much just like Ellie...tomboy! NO PINK!! Ewwww! Hehe. I laugh...a lot...all the time. I love to do little add ons...like this. Haha. I'm super energetic, and i'm always hungry. I'm known for that. Ellie gets mad at me 'cause i clean out her fridge when i spend the night.( And that's like everyday because you practically live at my house) Love you Ellie!! I'm also known for my favorite saying that i came up with. It goes like this: Everyone is wierd in their own special way. I love that saying 'cause its so true. Especially for me!! I made that saying 'cause i'm know for being wierd, special, crazy, insane, etc. The list goes to infinity. Infinity goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... Hehehehehehe! Remember that Ellie? I said that to her on the playground and i wouldn't stop. :) I love to put smiley faces and excalamation marks at the end of everything! I'm super crazy, and if you put me and Heather Chambers in a room together, we'll make you think some bad things. Never, ever, ever walk into one of our conversations without knowing what we're talking about. Very bad. Hehe. Well i love to write...type...whatever floats your boat. :) Drawing's fun too. I read a lot too, but not as much as Miss. Bookworm up there.( Hey I resent that I don't read that much)Just kidding Ellie. I love you. Oh that's something else. I always say i love people. Especially to Heather and Ellie. Love you guys. Well like i said i love to write/type. I'm working on, let's see one, two, three...oh yeah, eight books. It's a lot. I know, but i'm determined. I'll finish them before i die...hopefully. I've only posted part of one of the eight books. The first chapter of La at Night. If you liked that chapter, then you'll love the rest of my books. Oh, and guess what? I've already got a fan. Yep. Her name's Savannah. She's one of my best friends, and she's totally and completely in LOVE with my books, especially Disguised. She likes that one 'cause it's got a boy named Will in it, and he is gorgeous. He's got pitch black hair and bright green eyes. Hot, huh? Yeah, well, if you want to read more about him you're gonna have to wait 'til i finish that book. Well, that's all you need to know about me...for now. Just kidding...or am i...just kidding...a little...not really. Hehehehe. I always do that. Okay then. Bye!! Love you guys!

Our Favorite Quote is from the Movie "27 Dresses": 'Love is patient, Love is kind, Love means slowly losing your mind.' (Love you Ellie thanks for adding that)

T-t-t-t-t-t-hat's all folks!! Hehehehe. Guess who wrote that? :) (PORKY PIG my All time favorite)(yep)

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