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Hey everyone!

The name's Tina and nickname LeLa London hence the pen name of course. I'm 19 attending UNLV as a freshman in college. I decided to get a FictionPress account after getting enough courage to share my work. I also wanted to read and review other people's work. I like trying to understand life and love and all its struggle because as humans we experience this everyday.

I'm a deep thinker. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Right now the scale is leaning towards disadvantaged.

I'm an introvert which means I'm fine with being alone, but when faced with social situations I get really anxious because in my case of past bad experiences, dysfunctional family, previous teasing, and biologically wiring people can be cruel. Since my mind is so analytical, it likes to weigh in practical logic and consequences first then finally voice aloud precise answers. This behavior annoys a lot of people. They just need simple answers. I've never been so simple.

I'm really innocent looking and naive in some aspects. Friends say my looks give that perception.

I really care about people and the world. I just don't know how let people in and not alienate them. I know I'm different than most.

Music is my love. Yes, I just wrote that. I can relate to it so much. Music is on whether I'm happy, sad, pensive, feeling chill, etc.

I have a love for dance. I've been dancing since I was 14, joined the dance team since I was 16 and even though I'm not taking classes/a member of a particular dance group I'll be a dancer at heart no matter what.

I've made some best friends along this confusing hailstorm search for identity (aka adolescent years). I intend to keep their friendship if all works out fine. Down the line when one of the four of us gets married, we'll probably be each other's maid of honors. Lol.

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