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Rose Elizabeth PM
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An introduction to Rose, dreamer, thinker, reader of stories, and drinker of tea.

A thousand emotions, a thousand thoughts, a thousand long-forgotten dreams, hopes and aspirations. Who knew the mind was so great, so expansive?

Thus thought Rose, curled up on her bed, laptop before her, Ceylon tea in hand. She’d always been the reflective type, but lately, perhaps more so than usual.

She thought of summer, fast approaching, bringing with it Christmas, salads, insects and unusually bad television. She thought of great oratory, so rare now it would seem. She thought of thoughts themselves, so often unconnected to each other, floating and drifting, occasionally colliding before correcting their course and moving on.

Picking up her polka dotted teapot, affectionately named Polly (Rose named every possession) she poured herself a third cup of tea...and began to reflect once more.

The year just gone had been the hardest Rose had ever encountered. Lessons had been learnt, loves lost and friendships gained. Out of this had come a stronger woman, but a sadder one too. A part of Rose was missing, and it would be a long time before that piece was regained. It was funny, she thought, the way her naïveté had vanished in the space of a few months, the way her rose-coloured glasses had clouded to grey.

It was funny she thought...but then not. Too much thinking could tire anyone, and her tea gone cold, her eyelids fluttering and then drooping, Rose’s reverie ended as she drifted far away.

Hi, I'm Rose. Yes, I named my teapot Polly...quite why I'm not sure!

I believe in peace. In the simple things. In love. Or at least the notion of it.

My two biggest hates are racism and misused apostrophes.

My greatest fear is loneliness.

If I have learnt one lesson, it is that you should never judge that which you do not understand...

So, that's me!

P.S. I was introduced to this site by a friend, "Alexis Grey." I urge you to check out her stuff...it's poignant and beautifully written, and my only wish is to be as good as her.

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