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Name: Reiri

Age: People in hell want ice water ( too bad so sad )

Hello all... this is just me showing you guys a few things that I've been working on and tell me if you like it or if you hate it or if I need to change something but basically I just want some feedback for my stories so if you like it tell me and if you hate it tell me. I don't mind constructive criticism just please don't put a blowtorch to me... That's happened before and it wasn't pleasurable... thanks for coming and reading hope you review on my stories.

Also I would just love to suggest some awesome generators and sites for posting stuff!!

Unleash Your Imagination - FanFiction.Net -- for parodies of already existing shows and books

Manga Fox: Read Free Manga Online! -- manga scanlations galore!!

Read Free Manga Online at One Manga. Online manga scans reader. -- more manga scanlations galore!!

Rum and Monkey -- generators

TheForge : fantasy name generator -- name monsters and places and items

Serendipity -- generators!!

GaiaOnline Resource -- make your own characters

-- language translator of all kinds

Chaotic Shiny - RPG-Related Generators --generators!!

Seventh Sanctum -- generators

All very cool and really helpful when it comes to making stories and names and items when you just can't think of anything! It's a wonderful list that has helped me work through my stories and I hope they help you all too if you don't already know about them!

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