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"No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world."


abigayle/aubrey - seventeenth year
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photography, art, food, literature, lace, england, coffee

curious, if thou shall be, look down

My claim to fame is my never satiated appetite to explore. Whether the adventure lie in real life or an a novel. Expanding my knowledge on people and cultures is an addicting desire. If you’ve ever felt it, you know the grip it can hold.

Don’t let that paragraph make you think I’m nothing but run-on sentences and complex diction. I’m an over-whelming amount of typos and the usage of ‘meep’ in daily conversation.

I blog far too much to be healthy and my pale skin reflects it. If you take a gander, I’m a combination of pretty things, syfi, coffee, & tattoos.

I am bi.

I’m currently in the jumble of bettering my french and my photography skills while writing a promised novel, moving into a new home, and getting ready for my last year of high school. YEAR 12, whoot. I’m beyond excited to almost be done and to be in senior theater classes, studio series, here I come.

Animals are my best friends, and yes indeed there is probably some deep psychoanalysis shit you could use to explain that. I usually just fall back on their cuteness. Dogs of any variation {foxes,wolves,domestic puppies} & horses are my favoritures. I love them & they love me back. I’m a sucker for that.
Spiders scare me though, do not bring up spiders. I’ll cry.

Priding myself in being able to talk over subjects light and fluffy and the not so much. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a ear, shoot me a message. I’m around to help, if nothing else.

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What I am about to tell you take to heart, really darlings please. You are unique and special, writers usually are. It's alright to feel alone in the world, it's alright to cry about a failing grade on a math test. It's alright to get high, fuck who you want, and dance in hallways. If you are living up to who you are. Then baby, you are right. No one else may be able to see how world changing you are. But believe you, me. Writing, is the most powerful tool for change alive. Take what you know and write about it. Challenge yourself to never stop writing if you hit a bump in the road. You, all of you, even myself are the future of literature.

Soyez libre!

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