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jessica loves a7x
Joined Dec '08

this profile is basically for favoriteing and collecting and sharing my favorite stories! at the moment im looking for someone to collaborate with to do the yaoi smutty scenes i have amazing ideas but i cant write smut and i want there to be some so if you can do this email me at emo_screamo_princess@ with some examples :)!!

see a story i might like? (see favorites for my preferances) just email the link to me at the above mentioned email ill read and review IF i find it interesting :) but i only read certain genre so again look throught the faves

these are some of my faves NOT on fictionpress :

Pain and.. pain? // it's a boys thing // forgotten // you and me // angel and demon // you and me (comic) // gothic-transfixion // something new (comic) // desert dropping // bonds of blood // jumping over my mountain // turn of events // shane // tyler // losing to win // construction days // no more loneliness

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