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Hi, I'm 16. Currently a sophomore in high school. I enjoy writing, and that's why I joined this site. Hope you read my stories, and give me some honest feedbacks. Thanks.

Proverbs I came up with are below this paragraph, before and now. If you think it's just common sense, oh well, they've saved my life many times over in the past, so I cherish them greatly.


This world is full of people that misinterpret what others says, and those that don't think before they make others misinterpret what they says. .1216.

There will be many of us that will offer them sympathy, but few of us will commiserate with them willingly. .1216.

If this world are to be seen in one perspective; sameness in each eyes, war will never again break out. .1221.

We can win today, we can win tomorrow, but we can't win forever. .1223.

Please, run away, so we will live to fight, on some other day. .1224.

The best ways to avoid conflicts are to befriend your 'enemies' before they become your enemies. .1227.

There are nothing to fear in this world, except the tendency in fearing fear itself. .1229.

There are little we can do if we are weak. If we lack knowledge and skills. If we don't have any wills. That is my reason for striving in getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger, until I can no longer get any more stronger. May that day comes ASAP. .0103.

We don't have to answer every question people throws at us. .0107.

An opposite side exists to everything, in this world. Just as a scapel may save lifes, so can it kill, and vice versa. .0109.

A tool shall never be judge by itself. Instead, it shall be judge by the one who wields it. .0109.

If we must strive, so we must strive, to capture the attention of those who we love, no indifferences can be show, only intentions of our dedication. .0112.

It's really a bad choice to not pick a choice. .0125.

It never feels so good being alive. XD .0227.

What someone said to me this morning: "Better be hated then ignore." .0312.

It's better to suffer the pain you know willingly, then to suffer pain you don't unwillingly. .0402.


This was a dream I had before. I wrote it down when I woke up, and here it is. Enjoy.

Everyone tell me that one day we will live in an abyss. We will make the abyss take on the features of hell. And so we will live in hell. But that isn't what we want. We want a place that gives us more than what we lust for. So we take off our chains, and use monkey livers to adhere plastic white angelic wings to our shoulders, and that was that.

We have create heaven. Heaven is a swell place to live in, but it is missing something. Oh yes, it's missing something not conceptable: pain. So we made pins out of leads, and leads out of metal. We stick them in our scalps that prickle our nerve system whenever we twiste in our sleeps, and so we have create pain. Pain is good, oh yes it is. It let us know the dangers heaven have poses for us. Pain is good, but over time it become nerve wreaking, and we need breaks from it.

So we gather for a clan meeting and decide that abeit all our knowledge it still isn't enough, to escape the nerve wreaking pain we have upon us. So we decide to create more of us, to help bring the clan meeting to an end. A good end. So out of us all, we pick out two healthy, young, and attractive opposite sex for procreation. The clan decide they need to use the key plus lock method. (intercourse) The man are to be the key, and the woman to be the lock. Normally the clan will have delay many days by differing of opinions, but today, it is unanimous.

Everyone want to see what will happen between the man and woman. First, the clan made both of them remove their artificial skins, or hide, (clothes). If that is what the clan want to call them. Next, the clan made the man try the key plus lock with the woman. A fail attempt that is. The male's key is too weak and flimsy to insert itself into the woman's lock. So the experiment is abort for the time being. The clan huddle together and have another tedious and meticulous discussion.

In the end, the clan decide that the key must be stronger to slide itself into the lock. Bigger to fit better into the lock. Longer to reach itself all the way into the lock's sweet depth.

So the clan pick out a man with those characteristics and made him try the key plus lock with the woman. He succeeds and everyone cheers. The clan made that man their king, and that day on, the secret of the key plus lock method is pass to everyone else.

And that's how we came to be. That's what everyone says anyway.

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