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Yo all you readers out there! I am Sailor Sutty!!

18 is the best age! =D

I love writing so much. It is a big part of my life and I feel I have a pretty good imagination, I hope you like my work. Most of them are based around a student/teacher relationship. The teacher they're all based on actually was the one who convinced me that writing is right for me. He told me from his personal experiences writing is the one of the very rare things that is truly your's and no one elses. All my stories and work throughout my life are dedicated to him. His name is not important, but he has saved my life so many times in school and in my life in general. I will be forever in his debt and I aspire to be as successful as he is. He has gone through so much in his life and has come out happy and successful. He has put himself out to help me whenever he can, putting his whole life and agenda out of the balance when I needed him the most. He truly is an inspiration and my saviour.

Some of my stuff might be a bit dark, so only read if you're able. Some stories contain abuse, phyiscal and mental so i suggest they should only be read by people who can handle that sort of thing.

I love hearing what people think of my stories so dont be scared to review. I want to know what people think and feel. I

So yea I think thats it so hope you enjoy my stuff!

Peace and Chaos!


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