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Pen Name: Saraphine

Music: Everything and anything

Movies: Comedies, horrors, Science fiction, and mythological-ish types

Shows: Monk, Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva, Law & Order SVU, Psychic, Burn Notice, Too Cute, Arrow, and Chrisley Knows Best if I manage to watch them

Location: North America

Must haves: IPad, cell phone, lip balm, my dog, some US currency, eye contacts, Bible, and Sharpies

Taboos: Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, annoying people, relationship drama, bad grades, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, and improper grammer

Addictions: Sleeping, listening to music, exercising, and reading

Story Status

Updated Sunday, June 1, 2014

In case you haven't seen my announcement on both of my stories, I'll no longer be writing actively under this account. Both of my stories - yes, both - were plagiarized and I no longer feel protected on FictionPress. I managed to get the person who stole my works to take everything down, as well as delete everything since I have a substantial amount of proof of true ownership, so don't fret there. With that being said, though, the girls and I will be transferring over to with the hopes of a safer environment! Zalana's story is going smoothly compared to PWTBB, so that first chapter will most likely be uploaded next month once I finish a few more chapters. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the support! I can't tell you guys how much it all means to me and I hope you'll continue to do so on Wattpad!


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