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My name is Ducky! Well, not really. But it's some weird nickname that I picked up a few years ago.

I am no longer in high school. (Yay!)
I live in England.
My birthday is 26th March.
I have blue, blue eyes that have admittedly scared a few kids. They come in handy on halloween that's for sure.

And I truly am the invisible girl.
Only a few know my real name =P


We're Enemies! Aren't we?

Chapter 1:

The red tank top Rai wears: http:///images/33844.jpg

The colour of the paint (you'll know what I'm talking about if you've read it):

Chapter 2:

The inflatable chair in Cee-Cee's room!:

Uh Oh

Jo's skateboard:

Totally awesome authors that I recommend:

Volurin = Awesome writer. I love all of her stories! They're amazing. Totally recommend all of them!

I will update soon, hopefully. Kind of having a writers block. O.o Plus busy moving and visiting family in Kent. I have too many relatives! They drive me crazy!!

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