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Uh… So, my real name is Maria and in case if you’re wondering, I’m not Spanish… I’m Chinese and my parents named me that cause they thought it sounds nice...Weird no? Aahh...I used to hate writing when I was younger (I think it's due to my lack of attentiveness and imagination) but now I'm starting to like it more cause it gives me an excuse to not study Math. (Hee Hee) I am the type to not care much but...I can get REALLY aggravating when people pissed me off...Also, I don't know if you can tell or not, but I'm actually 12 years old. turning 13 in September!! Ooh! Also, my zodiac sign is the Virgo, and the funny thing is, practically nobody in my school is a virgo. Yeah, instead they're like all Cancers! Sigh...So yeah, this is all I have to say besides I LOVE YOU ALL!! (Yupp, even that pissed old lady in the corner! Hey! It's not polite to glare you know!)

~...And my name is Morgan. Obviously, I not Maria. I'm helping Maria with her stories (: I'm not Spanish either, I'm Asian. I like writing poetry more because it helps me let my feelings out (i.e., anger) and also because I don't go to martial arts everyday & I obviously can't punch random people in the face. I have to wait til class. ;D My zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Unlike Maria, I don't "LOVE YOU ALL", because I'm a lot more careful than her. (Even she admits it.) (and fyi: anything in italics here is written by me.)

AIM Sn- MetallicGreen84

Not giving mine (: As I said, I'm a lot more careful than Maria.


A peaceful dock...

~Just about the same.

Colors That Best Defines Me (conceited much?)

Green:I'm mostly calm unless you're that spider hanging from the ceiling of my living room.

~Green is my inner calm...haha. I sound so peaceful (:

Blue:Yes, I usually retreat to my inner moodiness cause of bad weather and not enough sleep.

~To me, blue is happy, but whatever. Different people have different opinions.

Purple:Even though a lot of people would argue me and say that purple does not stand for craziness, I am crazy whenever I'm not Blue or Green. I think it's due to all the sugar I eat...But I burn them off by doing track.

~Purple seems quiet to me. And I'm quiet a lot. (On the outside.) If I'm standing there quietly in front of you, chances are, I'm screaming at you on the inside.


Twilight Saga (who doesn’t like it?)

~Yeah, I guess I like those too but I'm not a Twilight freak.

Harry Potter Series (I love fantasy)

~I fell asleep reading the seventh one.

Inheritance Cycle (known as Eragon, Eldest, Brsingr, and unknown 4th book)

Vampire Academy Series (I love Dimitri!! So f-ing hot!)

Provost's Dog (a.k.a the Beka Cooper series!! I love detective work)


Fruits basket (So romantic)

Full Moon Wo Sagashite (Why did he die?...Sob)

Hana Kimi (oh...cross dressing)

~I cannot relate...

My Top 5 Artists/Bands

1) Chris Daughtry

2) Boys Like Girls

3) Lady Gaga

4) Katy Perry

5) Ne-yo

My Favorite Type of Movies


~Comedy ftw :D

What I Have To Say To You All

Please read and review for my stories, and if you can refrain from it, i prefer you give me no flames because they make me cry...Thank you and have a nice day! (and please come again.)

~If I'm the Morgan you know, you would probably be surprised that I'm writing on this site in this style. Doesn't sound like me, right? Well, this is (sort of) me. On the inside. Ish.

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