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Howdy all!

A few random things about me:

I can't write only read, unfortunately. The dream is to one day write.

I have big dreams(see line before:P) and a crazy imagination.

I hate sad stories, they break my heart.

I love random, crazy fun characters.

I'm in love with the greek dessert baklava.

I believe in love but I am still a little cynical. It's confusing.

I love music.

I come off as rude when people first meet me because I'm really nervous but if they stick around then I'm pretty dang loyal.

I have a deaf sibling who is pretty amazing. My whole family is.

I can legally drink but getting drunk and losing control doesn't appeal to me.

I have few friends cause I'm not very social but the ones i have are pretty cool.

My laptop is awesome and his name is bartholomew.

I randomly burst into song and dance. I'm horrible at both.

The End. =D.

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